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Founded in 2000, ARTIM brings together the premier fine art logistic companies from around the world. ARTIM participants serve the world’s leading museums, galleries, auction houses, dealers, and private collectors.

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Global Participants

ARTIM has 61 participant companies located in 45 countries with offices and agents located in all the major cities of the world.

Full Service

Each participant company has the experience to provide all aspects of fine art logistics, including packing and crating, local and international transportation, custom clearances, storage, and installation.

Standard of Excellence

ARTIM participants are the world’s finest shipping companies, equipped to provide the highest level of professionalism, care, and attention to the clients they handle.

Knowledge & Expertise

Utilizing the most secure and advanced information facilitation systems, ARTIM participant agents are able to share their knowledge and expertise to provide highly tailored solutions for both international and domestic fine art shipments.

Reach out to your ARTIM participant by country for any information about shipping specifics.

The organization has 61 participant companies located in 45 countries, with offices located in every major city worldwide. The collaborative nature of ARTIM ensures that works of art are handled with the highest levels of care, from origin to destination throughout the world. The participant companies exchange information about a range of topics including operational improvements, industry updates, new regulations, and value-added services for clients. To insure this maximum exchange of ideas, staff from each company gather together once a year to discuss all related topics in person.




Art Transporters International Meeting (ARTIM), Marrakech


18 - 20 April 2024


European Registrars Conference


6 - 7- 8 of November, 2024


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